Let's Connect The Dots

I approach your health story with care, compassion, and curiosity. Diet, lifestyle, and lab testing work as one piece of the puzzle; combined with deep exploration of the thoughts and beliefs you hold that are holding you back, I work to help you connect the dots  to transform your  health and step into a life well lived.

After all, health isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living.

Consultation offerings

One-on-one consultations

All sessions are virtual at this time for new and existing patients. 

Small-group program

Available for pre-existing patients only.
(Coming soon)

Naturopathic services

Lab testing

Lab tests are critical tools to help understand what’s happening in your body. They aid in confirming the cause of health concerns, ruling out any potential issues, and helping to direct appropriate treatment.

Acupuncture services

In addition to addressing specific symptoms, the benefits of acupuncture include local nerve stimulation⁠⁠; decrease central sympathetic tone (less fight/flight)⁠; and modulation of the HPA axis. 

Online dispensary access

The safest online source for high-quality, practitioner recommended supplements, ordered online and delivered conveniently to your home or office.

Naturopathic counselling

A trauma-informed style of counselling that emphasizes safety and presence, and promotes the integration of the brain and nervous system in a way that leaves the patient feeling more grounded, present and able to handle life’s challenges with greater self-awareness. 


Discovery call

15 min · complimentry

Offered to all new patients, this is an opportunity to share any questions or concerns about your health, and what issues you’d like to address.

Initial visit

75 min

Together, we’ll probe into your health concerns and history, order lab tests, and create an evidence-informed treatment plan that prioritizes your health goals.
Includes lab work and samples.

Second visit

45 min

Our second session includes a review of your blood work so that you understand what is going on, what it means, and how we’ll address it.  

Follow-up visit

up to 30 min

Follow-up visists are an opportunity to check in, discuss and revise your treatment plan, order and review lab work, and ensure that you’re on your way to feeling your best.

Extended access

45 min

Our counselling sessions use principles of poly-vagal theory, breath work, and meditation to promote the integration of the mind,  nervous system and body. A highly experiential, integrative approach to healing.

Quick check-in

15 min

Sometimes all that’s needed is a quick check-in or reassurance of your path. This option is available to all clients after the second visit.

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Phone: 647 – 366 – 9630
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