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I help highly sensitive women rewire their nervous systems so that they can unlock a sense of belonging, purpose and joy beyond their wildest dreams.

Where science meets human experience

If your ideal life is different than what you’re living now, and you feel like the waves of life are crashing down with no reprieve, something’s gotta give.

Countless patients have told me that they can’t cope with the demands of everyday life despite their best efforts, and its taking a toll on their physical and mental health. 

A landmark study known as the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study clinched the case on the single, greatest predictor of chronic stress, mental health and disease: early life events and the quality of our early emotional bonds set the stage for how our nervous system responds to stress, and influences our health into adulthood.

You’re here reading this because you seek an explanation for how you came to feel this way that doesn’t pathologize or blame, but that is nuanced, humanized and fills you with hope. I’m here to show you just that, and guide you on your journey back to health.

Naturopathic care, delivered from the bottom up

The state of your nervous system plays a pivotal role in chronic stress, mental health and disease. 

Knowing this, it can be really appealing to “fix” it (God knows we love a good life hack!), but the research suggests otherwise. The answer to regulating your nervous system that goes beyond nutrition, lifestyle and supplements and leads to real transformation lies in three principles:

Repeated experiences of feeling safe 

An embodied experience of who we really are

Be witnessed by a caring other

Together, let’s move you from a state of languishing to one where you flourish, so that you can step into your life with resilience, power and purpose.


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